Team intro

MySecretCase is an ecommerce focusing on sensual products. Our aim is to let people approach sexual topics freely and educate where possible. 

Our team is an open minded group, working in an open space office where communication is fast and the amount of projects is increasing! 

We are therefore looking for a Full Stack Developer to join our team in the city centre of Milan, who loves a young and fast environment and is not scared of being pushed into the cold water!

Job description

Requirements and duties:

  • You have worked minimum 2 years as a Shopify - full stack developer
  • You have a strong knowledge in HTML, CSS, SQL & PHP, jQuery, CSS frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap, React, GraphQL, Node.js
  • You know how to Shopify Custom-build, modificate template, Install and integrate 3rd Party Apps
  • Debugging & Testing is your daily dish 

If that all sounds like you, we are happy to hear from you!